Decontaminate a House

Do You Need to Decontaminate a House in Florida? 

If so, the experts at Hazmat Cleanup can help. We have years of experience working with Florida homeowners to help decontaminate their properties and ready them for occupancy or sale. Our team can clean, disinfect, and decontaminate a house after a suicide, unattended death, or crime, as well as provide hoarding cleanup and other specialty services to restore your property to its original condition. Speak to our experts today about what type of cleanup you require and learn why more Florida homeowners and law enforcement agencies choose Hazmat Cleanup for any biohazardous cleaning situations they face. 

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We Can Decontaminate a House Quickly & Discreetly

Hazmat Cleanup are experts at all types of hazardous materials cleanup. We can clean up blood, urine, feces, fingerprint dust, and any other type of hazardous material that may be present in your home or rental property - and we will dispose of all hazardous materials safely and properly in accordance with all local and legal guidelines. 

Our team uses specialty cleaning solutions, which may include hospital-grade cleaners, viricidal cleaning solutions, foggers, and other tools to help ensure a complete disinfection and decontamination. Which tools and equipment we utilize will depend largely on your unique situation - and we'll customize our solutions to your specific needs. 

Speak to our team today for personalized service and support, to request quotes, or to schedule your service with our experienced team. 
Decontaminate a House

We Can Decontaminate a House Anywhere in Florida

We offer our best-in-class home decontamination services to customers throughout the state of Florida, and we have helped hundreds of families in Tampa, Brandon, Orlando, Miami, St. Petersburg, and beyond. If you need home decontamination before you can move back in or put it on the market, turn to our experts at Hazmat Cleanup. 

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