Coronavirus Decontamination

Coronavirus Decontamination for Florida Homes & Businesses

Has someone in your home or business tested positive for COVID-19 or any one of the many variants now afflicting much of the world? If so, you know how important it is to complete a full coronavirus decontamination of your property. At Hazmat Cleanup, we have been decontaminating homes and businesses from biohazardous materials and other hazardous waste for decades, and we can provide comprehensive Coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services for home and business owners across Florida.

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Complete, Thorough & SAFE Coronavirus Decontamination

At Hazmat Cleanup, you will find industry professionals with the qualifications needed to provide residential and commercial customers with the coronavirus biohazard decontamination services that they need. We understand that quick service is of the utmost importance, and we have strategically located teams in place throughout the state to ensure that our response time is kept to a minimum. In fact, we can respond to your property within 1-3 hours in most cases. After hours services are also available.

Utilizing top-of-the-line fogger machines and virucidal chemicals that are confirmed to eliminate the coronavirus, we can help you stop COVID in its tracks at your home or business, keeping your family, employees, and guests safe and protected.

Coronavirus Decontamination
Healthcare workers wearing hazmat suits working together in shopping centre

How Does It Work?

At Hazmat Cleanup, we take a comprehensive approach to COVID-19 decontamination, including taking additional safety precautions and utilizing proven solutions. Safety is our highest priority, so even if the service is precautionary, our team will arrive in full hazmat suites, gloves, and respirators for their protection.

Our technicians will implement a high-powered fogger throughout the interior to cover the property in a fine mist of virucidal chemicals. This process helps ensure that all areas are treated, including those spaces that are hard to reach or access. Once completed, they will spray and wipe all touched surfaces, including door knobs, countertops, bathrooms, cabinets, and more.

We Provide Coronavirus Decontamination Services Statewide

Hazmat Cleanup offers our services to customers throughout Florida, including those in Sarasota County, Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Pasco County, Martin County, Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade County, Hernando County, Orange County, and beyond.

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